The following AAAE Board positions will be voted upon at the Annual Meeting of the Membership during the Annual Conference in Rogers, Arkansas July 8-10, 2018.

Please read the position description prior to completing nomination form.

All nominations must be received by 12:00 midnight (CST) June 30, 2018.

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  • Carry out all duties as assigned by the president
  • Serve as co-chair of the state conference committee
  • Perform the duties of the president in the event of absence, resignation, or inability of the president to perform said duties
  • Carry out all duties as assigned by the president
  • Maintain financial records of the AAAE
  • Pay all AAAE bills
  • Serve as chairperson of the finance committee
  • Prepare and present a written treasurer’s report during board meetings
  • Keep AAAE financial records
  • Perform normal duties of a treasurer
  • Prepare an annual budget to be presented to the board
  • Prepare annual accounting of revenues and expenditures to be presented at the annual meeting
    • Arrange full financial audit every three years
    • Arrange a line item audit for years between full financial audits
Regional Representative Coordinator
  • Carry out all duties as assigned by the president
  • Support regional representatives in maintaining a networking system
  • Coordinate with regional representatives to conduct annual regional meetings
  • Coordinate with the reporter to ensure all regional events are recorded on the website and local media
  • Work with regional representatives to create and implement annual goals
  • Carry out all duties as assigned by the president
  • Plan, prepare, and distribute a web-based newsletter with the president’s approval
  • Maintain a history of AAAE and AE activities in cooperation with the state director of alternative education
  • Take photographs and create publicity releases
Northeast Regional Representative #2
Northwest Regional Representative #2
Southeast Regional Representative #2
Southwest Regional Representative #2

Each elected regional representative shall:

The state of Arkansas is divided into four regions, (Northwest, Northeast, Southwest, And Southeast), according to geographic positions of educational cooperatives. The regions are made up of the following educational cooperatives:

  • Northwest: Northwest, Ozark Unlimited, Western, and Arch Ford
  • Northeast: North Central, Northeast, Wilbur D.Mills, and Crowley’s Ridge
  • Southwest: Dequeen/Mena, Dawson, Southwest, and Southcentral
  • Southeast: Pulaski, Great River, Arkansas River, and Southeast.

Each region shall elect two (2) regional representatives: regional representatives number one (1) and regional representative number two (2)

Each elected regional representative shall:

  • carry out all duties as assigned by the president
  • attend all board meetings
  • develop a communication system within their region
  • represent the general membership
  • support the activities and goals of the region




Regular board meetings shall be held at least quarterly. Board members must notify the President of his/her inability to attend regular meetings. Excuses will only be accepted for family death, illness, or significant life events. Officers missing more than two consecutive meetings can be replaced at the discretion of the executive committee.