2021 Board Nominations

The following positions are currently open on the AAAE Board:

NE Region Representative #1
NW Region Representative #1
SE Region Representative #1
SW Region Representative #1


  • preside at all meetings and at all executive board meetings
  • call special meetings of the general membership or board whenever necessary
  • represent the association at all state conferences, if unable to attend meetings, designate a representative
  • appoint an advisor to serve on the executive board as an ex-officio member without a vote who will advise the board on parliamentary procedures
  • recommend to the executive board individuals to fill any vacancy on the board
  • serve as chair of the state conference committee
  • appoint chairpersons to committees
  • perform such duties as are necessary and appropriate.



  • carry out all duties as assigned by the President
  • record, maintain and distribute minutes of all meetings of AAAE and the Executive Board
  • maintain a current list of board members and record attendance at meetings
  • keep an inventory of AAAE property including the physical location of the property
  • handle all correspondence as directed by the President




  • carry out all duties as assigned by the president
  • attend all board meetings
  • develop a communication system within their region
  • represent the general membership
  • support the activities and goals of the region



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