2022 Board Nominations

The following positions are currently open on the AAAE Board:

NE Regional Representative #2

SE Regional Representative #2


The State of Arkansas is divided into four regions, (northwest, northeast, southwest, and southeast), according to geographic positions of educational cooperatives. The regions are made up of the following educational cooperatives.

Northwest: northwest, Ozark Unlimited, Western, and Arch Ford

Northeast: Northcentral, Northeast, Wilbur D.Mills, and Crowley’s Ridge

Southwest: Dequeen/Mena, Dawson, Southwest, and Southcentral

Southeast: Pulaski, Great River, Arkansas River, and Southeast.

Each region shall elect two (2) regional representatives: regional representative number one (1) and regional representative number two (2).

Each elected regional representative shall:

• carry out all duties as assigned by the president
• attend all board meetings
• develop a communication system within their region
• represent the general membership
• support the activities and goals of the region