Ray of Hope Teacher Mini-Grant


Funding for this program is provided by the Arkansas Association of Alternative Educators.

The Association of Alternative Educators (AAAE) would like to provide grants to Alternative Education teachers throughout the state of Arkansas for programs that impact students.
AAAE will grant $2000.00 per year in grant awards that impact AE youth.

Our AAAE Board invites AE teachers to apply for mini-grants to help in the classroom. Whether it’s a new idea or that little extra you need to make your lesson plans great, you can brighten your classroom with help from the AAAE.

Alternative Education teachers and AE counselors in the state of Arkansas are eligible to apply. Each AAAE region can apply up to 500.00 per region, per year. The grants are limited to one per classroom and one per teacher per school year.

Grants can be up to $500 for specific projects or programs including: program enhancement that meets curriculum guidelines, expanding an already existing unit, student awards, special events, professional development, and parent involvement programs. Furthermore, school supplies and field trips too!

All applications are due by midnight on December 1, each year. Grant awards will be awarded by January 15.

Ray of Hope Application

Budget Packet

Outcome Evaluation

Complete Ray of Hope Packet