President’s Message

Dear AAAE Members,
At the 2024 Summer Conference, I was elected to become the president of this incredible
organization. It is my humble honor to serve you as a leader and colleague. Our collective
efforts to build and maintain the Arkansas Association of Alternative Educators has provided countless opportunities for all of us to learn and share best practices and to network with one another. The connections and relationships we have built have served the at-risk student population in our state by providing the best educational opportunities in our region. Because we have worked to become knowledgeable practitioners and to align our goals, we have been able to share and gain information and provide leadership on issues many students in Arkansas and across this nation face each day.
With confidence, I can say that AAAE is a leader in the educational community of Arkansas and that we will continue to build solid relationships within our organization and with the
communities in which we live and work. It is my determination to carry on with the fine legacy of leadership from the past and to continue to broaden the opportunities for knowledge and growth within the membership.
I am thrilled to be involved in this journey with all of you and I am looking forward to our next summer conference! I am always available and eager to hear your concerns and ideas, so please reach out anytime.
My Very Best,
Shannon Warren
Arkansas Association of Alternative Educators (AAAE)